Monday, October 12, 2015


Welcome to a special edition of Fanundrums, anticipating tonight’s episode of Gravity Falls, and combining our love of all sorts of fandoms, as usual. This is taken from a Facebook conversation Allison and I had last week, after writing the last post, and we thought it would be fun for our loyal readers to see some Behind-the-Scenes stuff.



We need to do a Psychonatural thing eventually. Psychosuperwhogravlock

Wow. You got a whole lot of fandoms in there.

I try

Can you imagine Shawn and Gus commenting on how adorable Dipper is?

grin emoticon yes
and Dipper throwing stuff at them
with Mabel

And Dean trying to convince the twins to leave off hunting the supernatural because that road ends in tears.


Yes. And Mabel makes Shawn a sweater with a pineapple on it.

And Sam telling them what the heck, go for it, life sucks anyway
especially normal life

Dipper and Shawn having a competition over who is the better detective.

"Okay, Mini Me, how many hats are in the room?"
"Three. Mine, Stan's and Soos's. That's all there ever are!"

Gus and Mabel playing cards.

Mabel kicking Gus's trash at it without even knowing what game they're playing.


Psychosuperwhogravlock. Wow. That's a mouthful.

Yup. Think we can fit any more in there?

You know you're a fan when you're reading these quotes we made up in the character's voices.


Whoa, now. Let's not hurt ourselves.



We watch these shows that already hurt us.


ah, of course

We love them.
And this Monday is gonna hurt and I'll love it.


I look forward to the day you pick up Fullmetal Alchemist and enjoy the brother love.

ooh, yes. I have read the first bit of the manga

Yeah, we gotta stop now. It's becoming unwieldy.


That's it, I'm leaving. I'll call social services for your poor husband.

He's fine. He's right here, playing minecraft.

Watch Supernatural, or something. It's less weird than this word you're making up.

OOh, Craftmerlinfullmetalpsychosuper... yeah, I can't keep track without looking at the previous versions.

We already have a word for this: Fanundrums.

True. It's much more manageable of a portmanteau.

So, dear readers, enjoy the upcoming episode of Gravity Falls, make comparisons between GF and your other favorite shows, and keep an eye out for future Fanundrums posts.

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