Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Allison Goes to Comic Con

So this week on Fanundrums, we’re talking about Comic Con. Specifically the Salt Lake City Comic Con, which Allison attended last week.

Yep! I had the opportunity to make my Comic Con debut this last week in Salt Lake City. Kiersty wanted to hear about it, and we figured we’d tell you folks too.

So, Allison, let’s start off with this. What was your favorite thing about the Con and what was your least favorite thing?

Well, that’s a tricky thing. Overall, I’d say my favorite thing about the Con was the atmosphere. There are so many nerds there! And they all want to celebrate being nerdy! Sean Astin made a comment in his panel (I loved that panel) about how the nerd quotient at Salt Lake is high. We’re not a commercial Comic Con; we’re a bunch of nerds who want to enjoy being nerdy together. The result is a feeling of camaraderie between the nerds and it was exciting! The worst part was the crowds. I don’t like to have that many people around me, bumping into me, breathing my air….

Agreed. I have rarely felt the kind of community anywhere else that is present at fandom events. So, let’s maybe continue by talking about what you did. Panels, cosplay, etc.

Okay. On Thursday, I went up there by myself. I attended a number of panels, because that’s what I do. I saw a panel with voice actors (like the voice actor for Perry the Platypus and the Animaniacs) and one on dark fairy tales. I also saw James and Oliver Phelps speak (they’re Fred and George Weasley), so that was cool.

SO COOL!!!!!!

Yep! I ended up getting a picture with them, but I don’t have my copy yet.

Maybe we can post it once you get it! What else did you do on Thursday?

That was pretty much it. I enjoyed the sensation of being at Comic Con. I was alone, so I didn’t do much. Friday I came back with friends. We didn’t cosplay on Friday, but I did a weird multiple-fandom tribute with my Winchester-plaid shirt, my SHIELD T-shirt, and a Doctor Who wristband. Friday was a big day for taking pictures of cosplays and seeing panels (I saw Sean Astin and Sebastian Stan!)  I also got to see the TARDIS and get a SHIELD badge of my own.

Sweet. Love it!!!! And Saturday?

Saturday was cosplay day. I went with friends, one of which cosplayed. It was my first cosplay, and I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you think?

Yes, I do! It’s lovely! Dipper Pines, everyone, of Gravity Falls, Oregon!

I liked it. I even made sure to include the reason why he’s called Dipper.

Very nice attention to detail! It’s a great floor, costume, too, cause it looks comfortable and easy to wear around.

It was. I put it together originally for a costume to wear while I run a Half Marathon on Halloween, and I needed something that I could run 13.1 miles in. But Comic Con allowed me to get a little more detailed, with curled hair and the drawn-on birthmark. (By the way, the birthmark looks reversed in the picture because of the way the camera was turned. It was identical in real life.)

I had a great time cosplaying. It was cool to run into people who were dressed like me or like other characters from the show and bond over our love of Gravity Falls. Also, when I met Sean Astin (he was doing free meet-and-greets!) he commented on my pine tree hat! So I had a conversation with Samwise Gamgee! Because I was in costume!

That is amazing! Oh, did you happen to meet Jim Butcher or any other authors?

I did meet Jim Butcher. No pics of that, sadly, but I do have two newly signed books! I also went to a panel where he spoke. It’s like hearing Harry Dresden speak. He’s a funny guy with some great stories about writing and learning martial arts.

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooo exciting. And I love that he actually knows martial arts since they play a part in the Dresden Files. .

A little. He hasn’t done it for a while. He’d rather talk people down than fight them.

Now that doesn’t sound like Harry… but I digress….Were there any other panels or events that stood out?

I didn’t attend very many panels. I figured that I do that at writing conventions, attend panels, all the time, and I wanted Comic Con to be a different experience. Mostly, I wandered around, looking at the cosplayers, and attending celebrity panels. I went to see and be seen, I guess. The Sean Astin panel was great. It made me like him even more than I already did, and the Phelps twins are funny in real life. I’d say the highlights for me were the Sean Astin, Phelps twins, and Jim Butcher panels.

Nice. Seems like you had a fantastic time. Anything else you’d like to add?

People are crazy. Both in a good and bad way, I guess. Lots of interesting cosplays and things happening. Also, I never realized it before, but if you want anything nerdy, ANYTHING, it’s probably there in the dealers’ room. I saw weird things.

Yeah. Dealer’s rooms are interesting. Did you get any souvenirs?

My books, signed by Jim Butcher. A SHIELD badge for a level 4 field agent with my name and picture on it. I bought a couple other books for myself (including a copy of Dune) and some souvenirs for other people. My sister. My brother. I won’t say what, because they may read this before they get their gifts.

Good plan. Well, I think that about covers it for this week, then. Jacob (my husband) and I are planning out our costumes for next year’s WorldCon, so we just got back from the craft store. I may be REALLY excited about that.

Any hints on what you’ll be dressing as?

Well, Jacob’s going as Mystogan from Fairy Tail, I’m cosplaying a sky pirate of my own invention, we’re going as Fitz and Simmons again, and we’re going to do a casual cosplay, disneybound style, of Erza and Jellal from Fairy Tail.

Cool! Well, I look forward to seeing how that turns out. I’ll also be posting on my own blog about Comic Con, and there’ll be a LOT more pictures.

Post a link here when you get that up.

My blog is, in case anyone doesn’t want to wait, but yes, I’ll post the link.

Cool! Well, we’ll be back soon with more fandom conundrums.

Because, seriously, we can’t help ourselves.

We really can’t.

But we can take a break for a week, at least publicly. So, see you all again later!

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