Thursday, October 8, 2015

Discworld Avengers part II

Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoyed your hiatus, but we’re back with some more fandom conundrums for you. We’re here to keep our promise and deliver on the second part of our Marvel Avengers/Discworld City Watch comparisons.

Who do we want to start with?  

Let’s start with Cheery Littlebottom.

*GIGGLE. Guffaw. Synonym for laugh heartily* Which is what Vimes did when he heard her name. After she left his office, of course. (She’s a Dwarf, by the way).

Because Vimes would never damage his reputation by laughing in front of a prospective employee.

Exactly. His poker face is just as good as Coulson’s.

Phil Coulson. The only man in Marvel who will have the same gentle smile on his face while praising a teammate and while delivering a “This is why you suck” speech to an enemy.

Or to Fury. “That was cruel, and stupid and VERY STUPID.” But I digress. Back to Cheery. Who is she, Allison?

Well, as a female lab tech, an alchemist who works for law enforcement but isn’t really called out to fight the bad guys in the streets, I’d have to go with Jemma Simmons as the closest parallel.

I’d agree. So we have our Simmons, but who is Fitz?

That’s harder. Part of me wants to say Igor, as he’s the other lab tech for the City Watch, but most of me wants to go with the kid who built the first train in Discworld.

Oh, that’s a good fit. From Raising Steam, yes?

Yes. Dick Simnel, his name is. Young, technologically-minded...obsessed with machinery….

It’s Leopold Fitz.

Yep. Too bad these two never really meet in the books. They could blow things up together.

That would be fantastic. Now, who would Sky be?

Oh, I got this. She’s a hacker, right? Good at manipulating communication feeds? Not too fond of her given name?


Adora Belle Dearheart.

Has to be.
Adora Belle.jpg

She’d so get together with a Moist-like character.

Yes, she would. Now, speaking of Moist…. who’s he?
adora belle and moist.jpg
Well, now we break out of the Agents of SHIELD and into the broader Marvel Universe. However, I’m at odds, now. Is he Ant-Man, the thief with the heart of gold, or is he Star-Lord, the thief with the heart of slightly more tarnished gold?

Oh, man. This is an incredibly difficult question. He could easily fit either role.
moist von lipwig.jpg

I say this.
After all, Moist does wear many hats.

Indeed he does. Also, keep that image on hand. I have a feeling we’re going to need it again.

Shall we move on?

Yes. Who’s next?

I have an about everyone’s favorite misunderstood murdering frost giant? Does Discworld have a match for Loki?

Oh my… We’ve already said that Vetinari is Fury, but he could also kind of work as Loki. After all, we have a manipulative tyrant who wears black a lot and schemes ceaselessly.

Yes, but Vetinari is pretty secure in his role. He wouldn’t try to take over another land just to make himself feel good, or ask his people to kneel.

True. He just frowns until they kind of feel obligated to do it anyway, or at least to bow. So who is a good fit for Loki?

Hmmm...we might have to dip into the witches’ stories for this one. I like the idea of the elves having our Loki, perhaps.

Or the vampires? Though the elves are probably a closer fit. Do any of them have names?

Like always, the Fair Folk are careful of revealing names, as names have power. But there is the Queen, who is manipulative and fond of pain. She’s also the one organizing raiding parties and controlling her kingdom. The King isn’t this bad.

Quite true. And the showdown between her and Queen Magrat is quite amazing. I’d say the Fair Queen is a good match for Loki. Do we have an equivalent for Magrat, former witch and now Queen of Lancre?

I think we should stop. There are so many characters in the Marvel Universe and Discworld, we could do this all day. Maybe we leave it to our readers to fill in some of these blanks.

Good plan. There are multiple possibilities, but these are ones we’ve come up with. If you haven’t read any Discworld, go pick a book and start reading! I recommend Thud or Guards, Guards!, but there are many other ways into the Discworld.

I started with the witches. I recommend Witches Abroad, or if you’re more into YA, The Wee Free Men.


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