Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Welcome to our blog, Fanundrums! I’m Kiersty.

And I’m Allison.

You may be wondering why we asked you here tonight… (or whatever time of day it happens to be when you read this.) Well, allow us to explain.

It’s because we’re geeks and we like to talk about it.

Basically. Well, that was a short explanation. Let us specify which geeky things we enjoy talking about. The short answer is “everything!” The long answer is… longer. Supernatural, Gravity Falls, Dr. Who, The Dresden Files, Star Wars, Discworld, hmm, what else… Agents of SHIELD, Sherlock, Kim Possible, LOTR, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, Merlin, Phineas and Ferb, Warehouse 13, Psych, etc.

As you can see, we adhere to many different fandoms.

And we enjoy geeking out about the various conundrums faced by the characters and the fandoms themselves. Thus the title. “Fanundrums”: it’s a portmanteau.

This blog is basically the culmination of a lot of geeky texts and messages to each other, predicting character futures, creating headcanons, and LOTS and LOTS of crossovers. And wishing for sitcoms, mostly Marvel sitcoms. With Loki. Because.

*Large smile and longing sigh* If only. We also dreamcast novels. With characters from other novels, occasionally.

Like I said, lots of crossovers. And I’m still waiting for a good Discworld City Watch movie, by the way.

WANT! ahem. Moving on. What can you expect from this blog? Ramblings, semi-organized. Also musings, ponderings, discussions, and speculation.

If you have ever wondered how the boys from Supernatural would react to meeting Harry Dresden, wizard, this blog is for you.

And if you wonder what would happen if Commander Vimes of Ankh-Morpork encountered Sam and Dean (he’d arrest them, then gain a grudging respect for them and hire them) or Loki (he’d arrest him) or Edward of Twilight (he’d sigh, roll his eyes and look for a reason to arrest him), this is also the blog for you!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves...these would make for some interesting posts down the line. By the way, I’m thinking Vimes and Coulson. Your thoughts? (For Edward, basic mopery with intent to creep *shout-out to the Psych fans out there*)

Okay, okay, moving on!

And if you wondered what your favorite young characters, like Dipper and Mabel Pines or Kim and Ron would get up to once they’ve grown up a little, and would like to hear some rambling speculation, welcome to the blog you’ve been waiting for!

We plan to update with vague regularity, about once a week, so check back for more speculative fictional analysis, plus some good old-fashioned geeking out! Don’t believe that geeking out is old-fashioned? Just ask the Sherlock fans from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s day. They went into MOURNING when Sherlock died. (Spoiler alert is FAR outdated on that one. Sorry, guys.)

Speaking of spoilers, we’re going to have them. I’m sorry, it’s just going to happen. We don’t know how far along you all are into your respective fandoms. We’ll try to keep major things off the web for a month after they happen.

But after that, everything is fair game. You have been warned.

You have jumped down the rabbit hole, my friend. Welcome to the place where your fandoms collide and merge. What comes out may be a dream, or it may be your nightmare. We’re sorry we’re not sorry. Enjoy the fanundrums!

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